Meeting The Sacred In Our Lives

hinduAll that God has created is holy and good.  However when we call forth blessings for objects or people, we are calling forth special graces for them to be used as God intended We are calling forth “the Light of God that never fails.”

When we bless a person, we are calling down more light, love, wisdom and power for that person to receive a spiritual awakening from on high that will illuminate their mind and heart for healing through the Divine Presence of Divine Love. We are calling for heavenly vibrations and the goodness of God to not only surround, guide and protect them from all evil, but also sending more of God’s light into their souls.

Blessings are prayers and as such, we can bless things or people as often as we wish.  Blessing brings increase and goodness. It overcomes fear and darkness.  When we pour out blessings, we are also blessed for our eyes of faith are opened and our own spirit is strengthened with  the purity of God’s light and great love.

We would be well to bless our homes, our children, our family, our neighbors, our communities, our nation and the world.

Also, we ought to frequently bless our homes and any used objects. Particularly those that we use in our prayers and meditation.  When we bless, do it with soul force.  Do it with great feeling from your heart.  Most importantly, we need to bless our homes and call for God’s light, love and peace to reside therein.  Our homes are vitally important for not only our well being but also the worlds.  It is the sacred place where we can create the Kingdom.  Let us remember the old adage, “Charity begins at home and spreads abroad.”  What better way to start than with blessings. . .


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